Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you transfer data from an account to another account of mine?

No, we are not able to transfer any data between accounts.

2. How do I apply for moderator?

You can apply on our forum, here.

3. What are the commands for claims?

/Kit Claim -Gives you the claim tool.
/AbandonClaim -Deletes the claim you're standing in.
/ClaimExplosions -Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.
/Trust -Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/UnTrust -Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/AccessTrust -Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust -Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/TrustList -Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in. /SubdivideClaims -Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.
/BasicClaims -Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
/PermissionTrust -Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
/Untrust All -Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
/AbandonAllClaims -Deletes all of your claims.
/BuyClaimBlocks -Converts server money to claim blocks.
/SellClaimBlocks -Converts claim blocks to server money.
/ClaimsList -Lists a player's claims and claim block details.
/Trapped -Gets a player out of a land claim he's trapped inside.

4. Why are mobs acting weird/not moving?

(As far as we know, this issue has been fixed.) This was because our hardware was old, and unstable before. Now we have updated it.

5. I voted but I did not get my reward. Can I get a refund?

No, the issue is on the side of the voting sites and nothing we can change, but if it is a repeating issue, please report it on the forums.

6. Will ChromaVille ever become a hub server?


We are currently setting up some of the servers that we plan to have.

7. My things got deleted, why?

If your things have been deleted, you have most likely broken one or more of our rules. If you feel like this is false, please contact Major at, or on the forums.