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ChromaVille is a server with lots of potential! Come and join now and maybe bring some friends?

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Getting started

ChromaVille is a server with lots of potential. This guide will get you started on your adventure. Join using the address chromaville.com, join our Discord server and open the server world map in your browser. You can view other players or take coordinates of the map to find a place you want to settle. You can claim all of your builds, to protect yourself from raiding, by using /kit claim. You get claimblocks from playing and voting (/vote). You can store your items in your backpack by using /bp. You can find a random place to start by using /wild.
See all commands with /help


The interactive web map can be found at ChromaVille.com:8123/. This is a great tool to navigate the map. A head icon with your name and skin marks your location on the server. If you can't find yourself on the map, make sure to check your coordinates in-game and compare them to coordinates displayed on the map. Move the mouse to the right of the screen to open a large black menu. Here you can see who is online.

Creating a claim

In order to create a claim, you need claimblocks. Claimblocks can be obtaind by voting, or by playing. Once you're ready to claim, open chat and type:
/kit claim

You will recive a golden shovel called "Claim". Claims are safe from raiding and looting. Claim owners (the player that created the claim) can toggle explorion griefing, pvp ect. For more info, see: FAQ



For support please open a support ticket on our forum.

Rules and ban appeals

There are a few rules listed below that all players must follow.

You can read the rules here.

Ban appeals are handled over at our forum, click here to visit.